29 November 2021 (4 Way Inter-Club Competition)

The 4-way inter-club competition between Musselburgh, KirkcaldyStirling & Edinburgh took place on Monday, 29th November 2021. The meeting was hosted by Edinburgh Photographic Society via Zoom. Some Musselburgh Camera Club members joined the meeting by Zoom and the rest watched the competition from the Fisherrow Centre. Unfortunately, the Zoom format meant we couldn’t socialise with the other clubs over tea and biscuits as we normally do.

Each club had submitted 15 digital images, making a grand total of 60 images. The images were judged by Campbell Skinner, who is based in Greenock. Campbell commented on the composition and quality of the images presented. He suggested that many of the images could be improved by an increase in contrast to make them more punchy. Some of the compositions could be improved by cropping more tightly on the subject, whereas other compositions had the subject too close to the edge. Campbell suggested using the “content aware fill” facility in Photoshop to add extra background to an over-tight composition.

There were several examples of the clubs submitting similar images. There were two examples of white water canoeing, images of interacting birds, empty streets photographed during lockdown, and several flower images. In each of the cases when Musselburgh had a similar image, the other club’s image had a better background, was sharper or had a punchier contrast. Musselburgh had submitted some good images, but this year the other clubs submitted better ones. The final scores were:

  • 1st place: Edinburgh Photographic Society, 273 points.
  • 2nd place: Stirling and District Camera Club, 257 points.
  • 3rd place: Kirkcaldy Photographic Society, 260 points.
  • 4th place: Musselburgh Camera Club, 247 points.

None of our images were awarded 20 points this year, but the following images came close:

  • Cheeky Fox Cub (Mike Clark) – 18 points.
  • Stylish (Carol Edmund) – 19 points
  • Mountain Gem Humming Bird (George Todd) – 19 points

Well done to Mike, Carol and George for keeping up the good standard. Commiserations to everyone who had an image in this competition. The scoring was the exact reverse of the 4-way competition from 2019. We have won this competition several times in the past, and we can do it again in the future.

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