02 December 2021 (Black and White Print Competition)

Our black and white print competition took place on 2nd December 2021.  Like the colour print competition judged earlier in the year, this competition was also judged digitally. The competition was judged by Gordon McMann CAPGB of Queens Park Camera Club, Glasgow.

15 members had entered 45 images altogether. There were landscape shots, some shots of local architecture and artwork, a selection of portraits, some sporting action shots, and a few shots of flowers and wildlife.  Gordon commented on the impact and composition of each image. In some cases there was a loss of detail in the highlights or the shadows, and in other cases the dynamic range had been compressed so the image lacked contrast. Gordon recommended solving both of these problems by dodging and burning. The photographer can “paint” regions of brightness or shadow onto the image to enhance some areas and dampen others. Some of the portraits could have been improved by this method: brightening the face while darkening the light shining through a window; darkening the shadows under the chin to enhance the contrast and give the image more depth. While a lack of contrast can make an image seem flat, so can a blank background.  A portrait or flower image on a plain background can look two-dimensional. Carol Edmond’s image “Dying Roses” was an example of a background that worked. The subtle gradient of tone in the background maintained the depth in the image. Gordon also warned photographers to beware of photographing artwork, like the Kelpies, where the sky shows through the holes. If you darken the sky you need to darken everything shining through the holes as well.  Also, watch out for odd shapes at the edge of the artwork where the shadows don’t look right.  One of the most striking images in the competition was Kevin Johnson’s abstract portrait called “Neg”.  A portrait of a model with a tattoo had been boldly presented as a negative black and white image.

Gordon had classified the images into commended (16 points), highly commended (17 points) and then 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The top images were:

  • Highly commended (17 points)
    • In Control (Jennifer Davidson)
    • The Cove (Jennifer Davidson)
    • What a Scramble (Joe Fowler)
    • Nepali Priest (George Todd)
    • Dramatic Sky over East Neuk (Gordon Davidson)
    • Kelpies (Gordon Davidson)
    • Dying Roses (Carol Edmond)
  • Top 3 images
    • Watching for Danger (Charlie Briggs) – 18 points
    • Emotion 2 (Malcolm Roberts) – 19 points
    • Dreaming of Days Gone By (George Todd) – 20 points

When the points were added up, the top scorers were revealed to be (in reverse order):

  • 5th place (46 points)
    • Charlie Briggs
    • Jennifer Davidson
  • 4th place (48 points)
    • Joe Fowler
    • Mike Clark
  • 3rd place (49 points)
    • Malcolm Roberts
    • Carol Edmond
  • 2nd place (50 points)
    • Gordon Davidson
  • 1st place (52 points)
    • George Todd

Congratulations to George Todd, Gordon Davidson, Malcolm Roberts and Carol Edmund. Next week we have our second members evening, and our last meeting at Fisherrow before Christmas. Jennifer Davidson, George Todd and Gavin Marshall will be presenting their work.

See you on Thursday,


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