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2017 Competition Information

I have made a printable version of the competition information slides from last night and added it to the club website. You can obtain a copy by clicking this link:


Please send your 3 entries for the “Digital Projected Images” competition to George (georgetodd1957@me.com) this weekend. If you are beginner and you have some images would like to submit, please submit them even if you can’t match the SPF formatting and sizing rules. It’s better to get the feedback than not enter at all. If you don’t have Photoshop but you have an editing tool which has a “save for email” option, you can use that to reduce the file size to something George can manage.

Best of luck with your entries, and I’ll see you on Thursday.



News and events

I hope you are all have a good summer of photography. Here are some suggestions for places to visit if you are struggling to find subjects for next season’s “set subject” competitions:

Finally, a couple of other items which might be of interest



Borders Digital Challenge 2017

What a fantastic collection of “still life” images we had on Thursday.

A reminder that Musselburgh Camera Club will be entering the 2017 “Borders Digital Challenge” competition this weekend. If you would like to support your club, come along to the Tower Mill Café Bar, Heart of Hawick, Tower Mill, Kirkstile, Hawick, TD9 0EA at 2pm on Sunday March 26th 2017. The competition is hosted by Harwick Camera Club and is taking place in the auditorium within the “Heart of Hawick“. Here is a map to help you find the way:


Reminder: Digital knockout competition on 23rd March

Hello everyone. I have returned from the Netherlands and will see you at the “Bad weather” set subject competition this Thursday.

A reminder that the Thursday after that (23rd March) we have the digital knockout competition with a “Still Life” theme. Unlike the other competitions, you don’t need to submit your digital images in advance; just bring your image with you on the night on a CD or USB data stick (and come early so we can load all the images up before we start). If you don’t have a suitable USB or can’t come early, you can email the image to George during the week. The images will be judged by members on the night, and there will be a special mystery prize for the winner.

“Still life” means photographing any group of inanimate objects  (e.g. food, flower arrangements, pebbles, crystals, sea shells, toys, books, household items, etc…) in a way that makes an interesting image. Have a look around your house and garden see what ideas you can find. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Wildlife set subject – extended deadline

George has received disappointingly few entries for the Wildlife set subject competition. I’m going to extend the deadline by a few days to allow time for some last minute entries. Please search your images and find some wildlife shots. Even if you can enter only 1 or 2 images, it’s better than none. If you don’t have any shots yet, you don’t have to spend the weekend on safari. A macro shot of a snail in your garden or an insect on a flower is just as valid.

Please send up to 3 JPEG’s to George by Wednesday 25th January at the latest.

Best of luck,


Wildlife Set Subject Competition Submission

The closing date for the “Wildlife” set subject competition is this Thursday, 19th January 2017. If you would like to enter, please email 3 JPEG images (sized to a maximum of 1400 pixels on the longest side) to George Todd, or bring the images on a CD or data stick this Thursday. Please remember to name the files with your member number and title (such as “56_ThisIsMyTitle.jpg”).

This Thursday, 19th January, we are also hosting the 4-Way Inter-Club competition at the Fisherrow centre. You will find us in the large ground floor room at the back of the building. Go to room G3 as normal but keep walking down the corridor, and you’ll find us on the left.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all members of Musselburgh Camera Club!

Our club meetings will restart at 7:30pm on Thursday, 5th January 2017 at Fisherrow, when some bloke called Steven Beard will be telling us how photography is used in astronomy. 🙂 I will bring along my telescope and astronomy binoculars in case the sky is clear. (Light cloud with good visibility is forecast at the moment, so fingers crossed…)

Colour Print Competition Entries

A reminder that this Thursday, 13th October, is the submission date for the Colour Print competition. Please bring 3 mounted prints. Prints must be accompanied by digital versions of your images. Please email these to George Todd (georgetodd1957@me.com) or bring them on a CD or data stick.

George will be judging the “Transport” set subject competition this Thursday, and will then be hand-delivering our prints to the judge on Friday. This gives him only a matter of hours to make up the score sheet. You can help George by sending him your digital images as soon as possible. Don’t wait until Thursday. If your images are not ready yet, just letting George know the titles will help him start making up the score sheet.

We are still looking for volunteers to show their work at the 10th November Members’ Evening. Please email Ken Sharp if you are interested.


Photo Advice Night and Libby Smith Info

Some news in case you missed it on Thursday:

  • Ken Sharp has now received the notes that Libby Smith said she would send to us. If you would like a copy, please email Ken at the email address on the front of the syllabus. This copy is for you own use. Please do not share it outside the club or publish it.
  • The presentation I gave last week is now available on the web site.
  • We are also looking for some volunteers to present their work at the Members Evening on 10th November. Please let Ken know if you have some interesting photographs to show us. Perhaps you have been on a recent holiday, visited a special event or have tried something new?
  • Next week is Photo Advice Night.
    • Please bring along a print you would like to share – perhaps something interesting or something you would like feedback on? The print doesn’t need to be mounted (although you can mount it if you’d like feedback on the mounting).
    • If you would like feedback from everybody in the room (rather than just the people sharing your table), please write a title on the back of your print. We’ll use the titles to identify the prints and write down the feedback.
  • The submission date for the Colour Print competition is 13th October 2016. Please remember this time you need to provide 3 digital JPEG copies in addition to the prints.

See you on Thursday,