Musselburgh Camera Club Data Privacy Policy

At the club AGM is was recommended that we review and publish our data privacy policy before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) come into force on 25th May 2018. Click below to see a formal description of our data privacy policy:


If anyone has any comments or issues with this policy please let me know.

Steven Beard (StevenMBeard @

SPF Insurance & Club Outings

At the AGM we referred to the post made a year ago which clarified the club’s insurance coverage under SPF policy. To save members having to delve back through the archives, here is a link to that original message:

If you are arranging a group trip on behalf of the club (i.e. a trip where all club members are invited), please contact the SPF General Secretary or the SPF Treasurer, as described in the original message.


SPF Ins & Club Outings

Following on from the AGM when a number of questions were raised with regard to Insurance coverage under  the SPF policy. The document below is from the SPF, as can be seen if you are intending on organising a group trip on behalf of the club outwith the club listings on the syllabus then either SPF General Secretary or the SPF Treasurer  should be emailed.

Initially it was proposed for the Club Secretary or Chairman to notify the SPF, however in light of the procedure now clarified I see no reason why the onus should not now rest with the members organising the trip/outing.

The SPF can be contacted as follows, which will open a message box:

SPF General Secretary:
SPF Treasurer:

Club Secretary

spf_annual_subscription_and_pli_premiums_2017 (1)



About the club

The meetings are held at The Fisherrow Centre, South Street, Musselburgh.

On each Thursday evenings at 7.30 pm – See the details of our Syllabus for full details.

We welcome photographers of all abilities, age or gender at any time.

Just come along and see what we have to offer.

If you want to improve your photography, talk about photography, or just have a ‘cuppa’ and make new friends, this is the club for you.

To have some idea of our recent activities click on the ‘Chairman’s Comments’.

Each season includes guest speakers, club and inter-club competitions, photo shoots and plenty of opportunity to show, receive advice and talk about your photos.

There are extra-curricular workshops throughout the year and monthly photographic outings during the Summer.

You can try two meetings before being asked to join.

Fees £35 per season

Full time students under 25years of age membership cost £15 per season



Trophy Winners 2011-12


From left to right  –  Robert Wilson-Charles Briggs – Jennifer Davidson-Anita Nutter-

Jim Tod- Joe Fowler-Scott Currie-Terry May.

See full details under ‘Competitions – Trophy Winners’